Galaxy Note 5 : All You Need to Know About

The fifth generation note is about to introduce in September. Galaxy Note 5 is a Phablet with lots of new features which Samsung’s has upgraded.

Galaxy note has accomplished all those critics which the predecessors have .This device has best processor, an amazing upgraded camera and super powerful battery.

According to the source Sam mobile, galaxy note will be look alike of Galaxy s6 in terms of look, shape and design. Galaxy note will have 5.7 inches of display and may have metal frame. Galaxy note 5 back and front will be of glass similar to galaxy s6.

samsung galaxy note 5 (Fake Image)
Interactive image only – not actual Galaxy Note 5 image

Galaxy note 5 is fifth generation Phablet and will have some amazing smart features.

According to Joseph keller, this device will have 16 megapixels of powerful primary camera with optical image stabilization, which helps to bring out blur free images and 5 megapixels of front Camera.

Let’s introduce to new feature Samsung added to galaxy note 5 is stylus.

Galaxy note 5 will have S pen stylus which allows doing so much during meetings like taking notes, writing memos and lot more.

This fifth generation note has beautiful big display with super AMOLED. This gadget will have attractive colour and contrast accuracy. Super AMOLED allows taking stable pictures from any viewing angles.

This new Phablet will be flat and it does not have edges like S6.

We forget to inform about the resolution, galaxy note 5 will have big display of 5.7 inches with 2560X1440 Quad HD resolution.

According to report from reputable and reliable sources Sam Mobile, this new gadget will have upgraded Exynos 7422 chipset with all in one solution (ePoP).

This device will have integrated modem.CPU, GPU, RAM and storage on one Soc.

Last but not the least most important feature is battery, this note will have Exynos 7420 and will have powerful long life battery performance.

So soon galaxy note 5 will be launching probably somewhere in September. Let’s see who win the race Apple or Samsung.


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