Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus goes on pre-order


Apple made its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets available on pre-order from today. It is reported that these phones are currently available in 28 countries through the official website of the company while the carriers are in hurry to announce their pre-order deals.

Here is how the pricing for this smartphone in UK, Germany and US compare. But you should not expect shipping to start sooner as times for shipping might vary and specific color and storage combination may result in weeks of waiting.

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In UK, Vodafone offers about 32GB iPhone 7 with a variety of plans in the country. As per reports, the entry level plan for this smartphone will cost £28/month for two year but the upfront cost will be £400. There are reports that the Vodafone 30GB red value bundle will come with £50/month price and an initial payment of £400. This high-end plan costs £63/month and £50 upfront payment.

O2 on the other hand offers the iPhone 7 handset with 5GB data with unlimited text and minutes for £59.99 upfront payment. You can also choose for the monthly installment of £50 for next two years.


O2 is another retailer in UK having this handset available on pre-order. The iPhone 7 32GB variant with 5GB data from O2 provides the users with unlimited text and minutes for £59.99 upfront payment and a monthly installment of £50/month for next 2 years. Both these phones are expected to go on sale from 23rd September.

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