Samsung denies that Galaxy Note 7 units will be deactivated after 30th September

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Earlier there were some reports claiming that Korean giant had plans to deactivate all the potentially faulty units after 30th September. It was being supposed that this will be another precaution taken by Samsung to eliminate any more accidents could be caused by the battery of its Galaxy Note 7 phone. However, there are reports that Samsung has now denied that these reports will hold any truth.

As we know, Samsung does not want to leave any stone unturned to make sure the safety of its customers. The Korean giant has already announced a global recall for its Note 7 phone after it was exploded while was charged overnight. Then, it was being said that a representative has confirmed that the company will deactivate Note 7 handset after 30th September. But now the company has confirmed to Android Central that they don’t plan to deactivate the recalled units of this smartphone before or after 30th September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Further, the maker has announced that all the aspects of the recall process will be officially available on their website, which also includes their decision to deactivate the smartphones. But we are not sure if they can take such a decision sometime in future.

Some claim that Samsung is actually afraid as it thinks that it won’t be available to make replacements for Galaxy Note 7 units by 30th September. So, deactivation of these devices after this date will cause even more problems for those users who have not yet received the replacement for this handset. However, this story can’t be trusted completely as its not verified and also the Korean giant will not admit to such a thing.

On the other hand, such a decision on the part of the company will urge the owners of the Galaxy Note 7 phone to take advantage of Samsung’s exchange program which has put by it in many countries. We can say that deactivating these devices might have removed the possibility of explosion of other phones completely and thus ensures the safety of people. But we should hope the Korean giant to replace these recalled phones as soon as possible. Because the longer it takes, the more company’s market value will drop.

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