Qualcomm’s clear Sight Tech availability creates possibility for more dual camera phones

Qualcomm has now released a new platform for the smartphone manufacturers who have shown their interest in implementing a dual camera setup in their devices. This new system is named Clear Sight. It works on the devices that come powered by Snapdragon 820 or 821 processor. This technology was designed with a view to make it easy for the dual camera to integrate without requiring specialized development.


Clear Sight technology uses the second camera to enhance the quality of its image by pairing the color sensor with monochromatic which enable the users to capture images with richer detail. The output received from the pair of sensors is then combined into theoretically sharper photograph. There were also some reports earlier that the upcoming Galaxy S8 phone will also get in-house GPU processor.

As the smartphones such as Huawei P9, LG V20 and Honor 8 are also available, Apple is introducing the dual camera technology in its iPhone 7 Plus handset. Also, Samsung is rumored to work on its own dual camera module which is to be used on its upcoming Galaxy S8 phone. This makes clear that the interest of the industry is taking advantage of the current and what is going with the times, supplying the client with an off-the-shelf platform for incorporating dual cameras.


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