Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched a few weeks ago and the phone is already available on sale in the markets. This smartphone has evolved a lot from the original 5.3 inch Note phablet which was released back in 2011. However, the new phablet from the Korean giant is its best craftsmanship ever. It is the same premium handset, which is aimed to attract the creative and on-the-go business users.

This handset has been provided with an S Pen stylus, which offers an amazing input for sketching, doodling and editing documents. The Galaxy Note 7 sports a number of new features including the iris scanner.

Design and Display:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is provided with a 5.7 inch display, which stretchers edge to edge and its narrow build makes it quite confortable to hold with your hands. The smart design of this handset makes it less bulky than its rival phones. Its curvy finish is not only pleasing but the rounded edges also give a pleasing fit to your palm. The Note 7 with just one hand is a tricky challenge, which brings you this handset at an easy price of £700. The display of this smartphone is provided with a scratch resistant display.

The Galaxy Note 7 is a tough wee bugger and an absolute dust magnet. Its glossy rear attracts grime and fingerprint scanner that marks a Greggs shop.

Screen and Media:

Samsung has provided its Galaxy Note 7 phone with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display built for movies and creative applications. The phone also has support for HDR video playback and color reproduction makes for true impressive visuals, strong contrast levels and good viewing angles. This smartphone doesn’t have any issue with its brightness but its Blue Filter mode is almost similar to the night shift mode on Apple’s phones, which provides for comfortable evening viewing.

In audio, the note 7 has some impressive sounding music on the top volume. You will also get earphone with this mobile phone. There is an internal storage of 64GB packed inside the Note phone and can be expanded further using microSD card.

Samung Galaxy Note 7

S Pen Stylus:

Samsung’s S Pen stylus is a perfect feature and is popular amongst the customers in many ways. You have to pop it free with a quick push which brings this stylus out of the orifice and it pings the apps wheel on the screen. You can bring this wheel with a push of the stylus button that is positioned where thumb lies naturally. S Pen’s light design makes it confortable to handle and can be used over extended periods.

Performance and battery:

Samsung’s phone is powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor and an Exynos processor, along with 4GB RAM for faster processing speed. The applications on this smartphone open in a flash and you can play latest games with a perfect frame rate. The only time when it can slow down is while you use two applications side-by-side, which actually cause stutter in many phones.

The Korean giant has powered this handset with a 3500 mAh battery which has the capacity to last for long hours. Once you start streaming media and snapping away with the camera of this phone, you will last just over a day before it need to be charged again.


The Galaxy Note 7 is provided with a 12MP primary camera which is an excellent piece from the manufacturer. It gives strong performance in low light condition and also has autofocus. This camera can shoot Full HD videos at 60 frames per second or Ultra HD 4K resolution, which looks sharp.


Overall, the Note 7 handset is a companion for the artists, businessman, because of its S Pen stylus. It has been provided with enhanced security, good performance and solid features. The screen is a gorgeous one and can be used to watch movies etc.

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