Samsung Galaxy C9 spotted on Zauba


We first spotted Samsung’s Galaxy C9 on Zauba last month, where it was revealed that this device will sport a 5.7 inch display. Now, there are reports that the phone has again appeared on the website but this time its pointing towards a 6.0 inch display. We have seen the import-export website revealing true specs many times, so we can expect these reports to be true. But what is confusing us most is previously it revealed that the upcoming phone will get a 5.7 inch screen and now it’s showing that Samsung’s phone will sport 6.0 inch display. Which makes a bit confused on which reports to trust and which are the ones giving false report.


Also, the last entry in the image shows a 5.7 inch screen for this device. So, we can say that Zauba has displayed false report here or on the other hand we can believe that there are two variants of the Galaxy C9 phone, which differ in their screen size and size. It has been suggested from a recent rumor that this smartphone will be launched in the time frame from October to November.

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