HTC designer posts video of concept phone


Someone at HTC has posted a video of a new concept phone from the Taiwanese giant accidentally. This concept phone is expected to be named as “Ocean”. It is clearly visible in the video that it was intended to be private and only accessible internally. However, this video was re-uploaded on Twitter by @evleaks before it could be taken down shortly and again it was taken down shortly after like clockwork.

The video is showing off a new smartphone which has no physical buttons but uses touch sensors along the edges of the phone. These touch sensors will be used for inputting various gestures that translate to functions such as changing volume, accessible Google voice search or it can even act as a camera shutter key without any need of a button available there.

This video calls this technology “Sense Touch”, which actually makes sense as the Android Skin of the manufacturer is called “HTC Sense”. It is clearly visible in the video that this device has two rear facing cameras, which was probably saved for its separate reel.

Danielle Vermeulen, the Person who recorded this video, says that this video represents “a conceptual piece and does not represent any real product from the Taiwanese giant”. It is reported that this kind of technology is currently no available on the smartphones but we are hoping HTC to come out with something like this soon.

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