Samsung postpones Galaxy Note 7 sales in South Korea for three days

Samung Galaxy Note 7

As we already know, a governmental agency asked Samsung to delay refund or exchange for its Galaxy Note 7 phone in South Korea. Now, there are reports that the handset manufacturer has responded positively to the request and made an announcement that it will not resume the sales of Note 7 in the country.

Samsung said that the new smartphones will be available for purchase in South Korea starting 1st October, which is three days later the date which was decided previously. The reason behind this delay is the additional time needed for quick completion of the Galaxy Note 7 recall in home turf of the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Also, there are reports that the exchange program is not going well in other countries as it did in United States. Samsung confirmed that half of the faulty Galaxy Note 7 phones, about 500,000 units have been exchanged in a few days only. It is reported that only 200,000 affected customers from South Korea have made a decision of exchanging their Galaxy Note 7 phones, while other 200,000 sufferers from the country still want to return their devices.

We know that the exchange program started in South Korea slightly earlier, and it was also the first country where Note 7 was first released. According to an official from Samsung, “The recall rate will likely fall sharply should new sales have resumed on September 28.

However, the manufacturer postponed selling Galaxy Note 7 in its home country but we are not expecting the same to happen in other countries as well. This is because the new units are not expected to come before later next month or even in the month of November in some countries in Europe.

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