New iOS 10.1 Update Comes with Exciting New Camera Tricks for The iPhone 7 Plus


Apple has started rolling out iOS 10.1, the most noteworthy update to the iOS platform since it was first introduced in early September. In addition, there are a host of security fixes added in this update.

The prime new feature in this update just advantages the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus, although, with a new Portrait camera mode which Apple proclaims makes a deep impact which keeps your subject sharp when making a nicely blurred background.iOS 10.1

This takes benefits of the dual lens cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus for allowing the users to, apparently, take professional-esque portrait images.

The other noteworthy new update will just really advantage those in Japan, with in-detail transport information for the nation included to the Maps service of Apple.
The remaining parts of the updates with iOS 10.1 are more fixes or refinements, instead of noteworthy new features.

For instance, there is a choice of replying full-screen effects and bubble in messages, while Apple has fixed the defects which could cause Messages for only opening to a white screen.
There are also enhancements to the Mail app for stopping issues such as messages getting formatted with very small text or defects where HTML email content would not load.

Early risers will be glad that issues which stopped alarms going off often now must be fixed.
Furthermore, there is a bunch of security fixes added in the update, with the inclusion of one which impacted its FaceTime service.twt

Apple explained that a hacker in a privileged network position might be capable of causing a relayed call for continuing transmitting audio when seeming as if the call terminated.
Martin Vigo, of Salesforce, who noted the fix on Twitter, unveiled this issue.

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