iPhone 8 Range Rumoured to Have 3 Different Models with Glass Backs


In accordance with the suggestion of a fresh report, Apple may reveal three different models of the upcoming iPhone 8 in the year of 2017. Apple, the iPhone maker is likely to include a 5-inch screen size model to the current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models appear in the range of the iPhone 7.

According to the statement of a Nikkei Asian Review report, Apple is not going to just switch to glass backs rather than metal casings but also launch a 5-inch model. When the glass back theory has been on-going, the launch of a third model is definitely a new one.


The source told the publication that Apple had tentatively decided that all the 4.7-inch, 5-inch and 5.5-inch models would have glass backs, withdrawal of metal casings adopted by existing iPhones, and Lens and Biel are likely to be giving all the glass backs for the new iPhone in the upcoming year.
We saw that the company moved away from the huge 6-inch screen in the range of the iPhone 6 with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE. If a 5-inch model is released next year, it will reflect the shift of the company from large screen mobiles.

In accordance with the report, for the glass back and front which is predicted to be held together by a metal casing, the supplier will once again be Lens and Biel. This is because Foxconn, the main iPhone manufacturer, and its subsidiaries are not likely to secure orders as the Chinese competitors have the technological edge.

There is no certainty on who is going to supply the metal casing but already Foxconn is the prime supplier of metal casing for the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 Plus and divides the orders of the iPhone 7 with US-based Jabil and Catcher Technology.

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