Microsoft Brings Cortana to the UK On iOS and Android with a Fresher Look and Revamped Design

Microsoft has upgraded its voice-based virtual assistant for both iOS and Android platforms. The update enhances the performance of fast actions, making it simpler and quicker for getting what you require.
A fresh, new appearance allows users to personalise the features. At present, Cortana also features full-page, clear answers for a better detail of the requested data. Beyond that, according to Microsoft’s statement, the app is currently quicker, giving faster results than before.

Cortana’s UK availability:

Alongside the new look, the Cortana for iOS and Android are presently available in the UK. One year after introducing the app in China and the US, the UK users will get the opportunity of trying it out. Here are a few features they will be capable of enjoying:


1. Never miss a phone call:
Suppose you’re in a meeting and you can’t answer a call. Well, you can get missed call alert with the Cortana app on your Windows 10 PC and help Cortana send a text back helping the caller know that you will call him/her later – all without leaving your computer.

2. Reminders which travel with you:

Cortana can smoothly keep track of things you require remembering across all the platforms you utilise her. Just set a reminder on your computer and get it on your mobile phone.

3. Optimised for mobile:
Designed particularly for your mobile’s life with fast action buttons and voice for getting what you require fast, widgets and a streamlined designed for both iOS and Android.
Voice activation of Cortana is another amazing feature. By simply saying Hey Cortana, you are going to activate the app hands-free for looking up the information. Well, still this feature is just available on the Android version of the application.

With the new look, the Android version of the Cortana app is available at the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the app’s iOS version with revamped look and design is presently not available for download. According to Microsoft, there will be an update in upcoming weeks.

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