Samsung Galaxy O might be VR Centric Phone designed with Oculus Rift


Recently there were reports about Samsung planning to come out with a new scheme of phones under Galaxy O name. Now, Gene Munster who’s an analyst in Piper Jaffray said that the new Galaxy O phones might be based on the collaboration between Samsung and Oculus Rift. Thus, the Galaxy O handsets will be centered on the virtual reality.

Samsung Galaxy O series

As per reports, Oculus is about to hold its Connect2 event in Hollywood starting 23rd September till 25th September. It is believed by Munster that the Galaxy O smartphones will be unveiled during this period. He added that if a new VR centric handset is not under works then the customers could get a stand- alone VR headset.

According to Munster, there are advantages to a stand-alone VR headset. This device will feature a unique GPU which could offer improved graphics than a simple smartphone can offer. In addition, a VR headset will feature a display with higher resolution.


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