Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3will receive an Android upgradation of 7.1.1


Samsung has announced that two its phones Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3 will receive a Nougat Android upgradation of 7.1.1. in the first month of the coming year. The business organization will no longer release this backdated software in its phones once it has been taken away. In fact, no complaints will also be taken against this software from individual people. No form of fallacy reports and recommendations will be entertained by the smartphone making company. The company has decided that plans will be managed through a group of people.

The company has also shown its gratitude towards the common people for taking keen interest and love showered on them at this period. They have also promised to use crucial notions in their official Nougat Android upgradation of 7.1.1. These things have been mentioned in Beta Notices which have been sent by the team of Galaxy Beta Program. The company has retained a copy and shared it in media.


Previously the company had revealed that Nougat Android upgradation 7.1.1. will be available for the S7 series. Nougat Android upgradation 7.1.1. is a lower upgradation of Android 7.0. The characteristics include a bunch of emoticons, GIF pictures can be sent from the keyboard itself and shortcuts for adding apps on the home screen.

Android Nougat Beta Program was started in November 2016 for the S7 series. This was done so that the potential buyers can enjoy the opportunity of using the software from beforehand. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3 series phones will have to make an account so as to download the Galaxy Beta Program app

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