iOS 11 Rumours: UK Release Date and New Features Explained


After launching the greatest and latest iOS version to date, Apple is now going to launch another latest version iOS 11 very soon. In this article, we will discuss regarding all the rumours related to this new iOS version such as its release date in the UK and its new features.

UK release date:
We predict that Apple will unveil its iOS 11 in June 2017 at WWDC. And then it will launch the beta version also for the software by its software partners.

New features:
At this stage, we have already heard many rumours about the new features in iOS 11. So, find them discussed below:
• Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard:
Apple has been considered a patent covering a dynamic keyboard placing on the touchscreen, whereby the separate keys are positioned in response to the detected position of the fingertips of the user.
• Natural-sounding Siri:
In early days, Siri was a fun figure, but now it becomes better and more useful. Apple basically wants to make it sound more human-like.

• Dark mode:
We were expecting this feature in the iOS 10, but Apple announced that for tvOS. Now we are still waiting for it to have in the iOS 11. This is a night viewing mode with which black backgrounds are designed easily on the eyes while viewing at night.
• Contact availability status:
A patent which recently has been considered shows that Apple is taking into account a new feature which would allow the users of iPhones to view at a glance whether their contacts are seen available for a particular conversation or not, and also where they are.
Well, there are few more features which we wish to see in the iOS 11. So, the favourite features are as follows:
– Control centre
– Aesthetic or Cosmetic customisation changes
– Smart Wi-Fi
– Touch ID lock or Per-app Passcode
– Capacity of changing in-app video resolution
– View favourites in Contact app
– Split-screen viewing mode on iPad and iPhones
So, are you planning to update your iPhone to the iOS 11? If yes, then stay tuned for more information regarding this new iOS version.

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