Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Receives Android Nougat Update: Why You Should Update Your Mobile Now


Samsung extends Android Nougat update that fixes vulnerabilities in the present beta version of the latest operating system of Google. Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners must be getting their mobiles on the most recent Android Nougat version very soon. Its wondered that the South Korean smartphone giant is getting ready to launch this big update to its flagship phones within upcoming few weeks.
Nevertheless, there still seems to be some vulnerability to fix before the worldwide launch with a 5th update being lengthened to the beta testers of Samsung S7 this week.

This most recent download seems to solve a problem where mobiles were found for being restarted themselves. Sufficient users in the beta programme of Samsung reported the issue for it for becoming a concern for getting it resolved fast. Also added in the update is a transformation to notifications that seem on the lock screen. Presently, the panels sport an additional transparent appearance that makes it simpler for seeing the lock screen wallpaper while emails and messages come on the device.
Samsung will soon declare a precise launch date for Nougat but this most recent update could imply an official download is possible. Android 7.1.1 comes with lots of prime upgrades and enhancements, labelling it the most developed software launch of Google to date. This incorporates many new emojis, new GIF keyboard of Google, and also the launcher shortcuts that includes the 3D-touch-esque features to the home screen.

samsung-galaxy-s7-edgeTill now, just the flagship devices of Google, i.e. Pixel and Pixel XL, alongside the Nexus 6P device are capable of getting the download. Prior this year, Google released its Android Nougat update, but till now just a small number of devices have been capable of installing or upgrading to this software.
It’s highly annoying for many Android users but as per Google, it has empowered responsibility for the rollout of the update on other phones to the phone makers themselves. This implies that till now just a few new smartphones have been confirmed for shipping with Android Nougat, with the inclusion of the Huawei Mate 9 and the LG V20. So, are you this much lucky to receive Nougat on your smartphone? Find out now.

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