LG Will Soon Introduce Its G6 Model A Month Earlier Than Normal


We have already stepped in the year 2017 and are waiting for the excellent upcoming smartphones from the tech giants. Even, the rumours regarding the new flagships are all around. We have already enough information what the smartphone brands will offer us next.

However, if you firmly believe the most recent reports, it is the LG G6 which we all must be getting really excited about, with the LG G5 act upon tipped for introducing months sooner than our expectation.
Nevertheless, in accordance with the new reports, LG is going to rush its most recent flagship phone out soon in a bid for capitalising on the reportedly delayed Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 and a very recent lack of excitement in the world of smartphone.

Noting the unnamed sources of industry, ETNews has proclaimed that LG will introduce its forthcoming flagship mobile at least one month sooner than normally expected.LG G5Albeit a precise date of launch is still not clear to us, it’s been recommended the handset is going to go on sale almost either at the end of February or early March as well. With numerous top notch Android competitors going on sale around February and March, it is to be believed that LG could launch its next phone sooner in order to compete at the sharp edge of the smartphone space.

At present, the precise specifications of the LG G6 are not clear, albeit according to the recent leaks’ suggestion, the mobile is going to dump the exploratory modular design offered on the G5 model.
With the removal of its ditched design, it’s been recommended the mobile, which will really play host to every general power as well as camera enhancement, is going to run an all-new, top-notch metal body which also features in excellent waterproof smarts.
Well, LG has still not confirmed the release date of its new flagship phone.
So, what’s your thought? Will the LG G6 stick with its creative design or ditch the modular design? Don’t forget to comment on the mentioned box below.

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