Rumours about the UK release date and specifications of HTC 11


A mix up of speculations says that no phone would ever be called as HTC 11 under the flagship of the company. It might be given a new name might be launched in the next month in MWC headquarters.

About the release date
Generally, HTC launches its phones after one year gap. So, it is predicted to launch this new phone in the month of April 2017.

About Price
Predictions say that HTC like all other phones under the flagship might cost from £549 to £599.

Features & Specifications:

It would be having Qualcomm’s finest mobile chip this time. It is going to have10nm Snapdragon 835 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0. The processor supports around 8GB of RAM. But sources say that HTC 11 can come in 4 GB or 6 GB RAM. The storage might be 256GB.HTCDisplay
The display feature includes 5.5 inches screen along with 1440×2560 on the panel.

The design is better than that of HTC 10. Most of the manufacturers are trying to make unique phones so 5.5 inches is the screen size. Some other specifications are front faced Boom Sound stereo speakers.

Camera & Battery
Camera features include a 12mp rear camera and the front camera might be 5 mp to 8 mp. The issue that one faces while using the phone is its consistency. Photos are sometimes nice but sometimes not satisfactory. Users want to click best pictures and videos from smartphones.
Talking about battery backup, this phone is expected to provide a back of 3000 mAh to 2017. HTC Ocean Note, HTC U Vive and HTC U are rumoured to have better specifications unlike HTC 11.

Other features
One of the features of HTC is Sense Touch that allows in controlling the phone. Users have to swipe and tap on the metal frame. It is rumoured to be waterproof like Samsung and Apple.
Large screen and a wholesome battery backup make the phone a remarkable one under the flagship of the company. Other unique features also make the phone the latest one.

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