The Concept of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Takes a Minimalistic Approach


The concept of the all-new Samsung flagship the Galaxy S8 has been already very much preferred by the smartphone designers. As of now, we have discussed many rumours, news and different exclusive targets of this handset and in this post, we will discuss a new cool one which is regarding an essential approach taken by the concept of the Galaxy S8.

Bezel-less, edged, and borderless is some more famous jargons at this moment in the smartphone world. It is to be said that none has managed for making a completely borderless smartphone without an indication of bezel albeit we are really getting close. The concept of the all-new Galaxy S8 from @KingwayLee is one goal we would predict to come true because we all prefer the classic look.

The concept renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 first thought regarding the word ‘minimalistic’. Well, this stylish handset features dual curves with simply an indication of the bezel as displayed from the side. The borders at the top and bottom have been considerably slimmed down also albeit their appearances to be a small home button on precisely the bottom front. A front-facing selfie camera is also displayed but no data was provided on this one would really have under the hood.S8Additionally, as for the backside, the phone designer basically kept things simple and clean. There is surprisingly a large primary camera with the Samsung logo and a dual LED flash. Furthermore, the backside is a little bit curvy too, but it keeps things small also. On the bottom, there is a USB Type-C slot also; however, that is all there is for seeing with this one. Classy, clean and minimal can be said in a nutshell. It really does not look like anything else out at the moment either; however, enough familiar for not being considered very much wild.

The concept renders from @KingwayLee are few more realistic people we have seen involving the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. While it is incredibly unlikely the completed item will take this pattern, Samsung could perhaps pull off this one as we are nearly there with the borders and bezels.

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