Apple and Samsung are losing their hold of Smartphone market

Samung Apple

Samsung and Apple are losing their command over the smartphone market. Though being world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the past few months the companies have sold less then third of their production.  Various researchers are of the view that two of these renowned companies had faced a tough competition from China at the end of the year 2016. Samsung was deadly hit. Its market share decreased to 19.2pc from 23.6pc. All this happened in middle of the launch of galaxy Note 7 device. Samsung was forced to pull out the device from the market after the device getting exploded due to overheating. Finally, the production of this device was totally curbed.SamsungApple on the other side reports that very customers are updated thereby lowering the sales of smartphones. The market share has degraded from 13pc to 11.5 pc.  On the declination of these two bigger companies three Chinese companies overtook the market of smartphones. Huawei is the world’s third largest producer pf smartphones. The other two brands are Oppo and BBK.

First time in the history of smartphones it is seen that the joint shares of both Apple and Samsung has fallen. Both these companies were the first to replace Nokia with its smartphone technology. Almost three years ago, the joint shares of both these renowned companies were close to 50pc. AppleApple is still hoping to gain back its expose in the market with the launch of its new iPhone 7. Researchers are of the view that Samsung’s fall ca be permanent in the world of smartphones. With the release of Note 7 a mere scandal has costed the brand a worth million dollars.

Samsung has withdrawn its smartphone Galaxy Note 7 from the market. The dent that has been left on the brands image makes it hard for it to gain its exposure once again.

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