Google coming up with new Wi-Fi Router named as “On Hub”

Google logo

Google the mother of all questions, understood the problem of people with wi fi connections .specially when you have urgent work and unable to complete due to interruption in signals or due t less strength.

Google is soon coming up with its new Device called “On Hub” which is without bundles of wires and blinking lights. It’s a simple device and easy to use

Google On HUB Router
On Hub is a wi fi router which searches for the best wi fi signals in the bounded area and connect it with you. User can even priorities smart phone over tablets if you want to stream movies, videos and the best signal will be on your device.

The best feature of the device is that you can check the signal strength over the Google on app and even fix network issues on it. One more advantage is that you don’t have to sit in living room or the place you hate the most .User can sit anywhere signal strength will be strong everywhere.

This device is available in US and Canada but now it is out of stock.
Soon the device will touch UK too yet price and launch not decided.


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