Android Vs iOS

Are you planning to buy a new phone? Well! The most important decision to make is regarding Android or iOS operating system. With the smartphone market booming these days operating systems have seen a lot of changes in terms of appearance, utilities, credibility and usability. Since the very beginning of this dog fight, mobile phone developers are facing challenges to stay ahead of their competitors. Currently, android and iOS are the major competitors in the mobile operating system market.


We’ve spent plenty of time with both these platforms and have tried to review the key differences and similarities between both of them.

User Interface:

Apple’s iOS User Interface appears much richer to regular users because of its flexibility and fluidity in switching animations. However, both the operating systems offer similar resolutions video display but still the battle here is won by iOS.

Touch Panel:

Since most of the smartphones available today are fully touch enabled hence the mobile users seek better response from the touch panel. More responsive touch panel is what everybody expects from their mobile phone. It’s hard to master this feature but Apple has found a way to provide the users with greater accuracy in comparison to the Android phones.


Android offers the best camera quality and features, including editing videos and photos with the use of free applications. The android phone users can do a lot with their photos and videos.


Android is an open source platform whereas iOS is not. Hence, android allows its users to build applications and even sell them without any certification from Google. This provides people with a vast area to explore, which is resulting in a better market growth of Android operating system.


Finally, android has a greater market share in terms of applications but still iOS is performing well when it comes to sales.

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