Essential habits for healthier mobile phone use

Essential habits for healthier mobile phone use

Mobile phones can be bad for your health if you don’t use them in a healthy way. Well! I am not asking you to ditch your mobile phone but at least you can ensure a healthier use of the mobile phone. Most of us have become addicted to our mobile phones but these have a bad reputation for the damage they cause to our health. Their screens are bright not good for our eyes, Wi-Fi signal causes damage to the nervous system and we let them beep all night long, disturbing our sleep.

However, there are many healthy ways to use a mobile phone. If used properly, a mobile phone can boost our health. Some of the healthy uses of a phone include:

Use a Headset: According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), headsets emit less radiation than mobile phones and keep your head away from your phone. More away you are from the source of radiation, less damage it will do to you.

Use a Headset

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Text when you can: It’s proved that your phone will use less energy when you are sending a text message than when you talk on the phone. Also, texting keeps the radiation source far away from your brain.

Text when you can

Use mobile phones for only short calls: Don’t use your mobile phone for the long hour calling rather keep your calls as short as possible.

Watch the signal: If you are facing signal problems and are not able to maintain a connection it’s better to cancel the call and wait until services from your network operator better. When your phone has signal issues, it has to work harder and therefore it emits more radiation, in a trial to connect.

Watch the phone signal

Keep the phone away from your ear: It is recommended to wait for the call to connect before you bring the phone close to your ear, to minimize the radiation exposure. When you talk, take the phone away from your ear and bring it close when you are listening. This is because radiation levels are less when signals are being received by phone than when being transmitted.

Keep the phone away from your ear

Avoid making calls in elevator or car: As we know, it’s dangerous to talk and drive because mobile phones use more power to establish a connection in a metal space closed from all sides such as in a car or elevators.

Buy a low-radiation phone: There is phone that emits less radiation in comparison to other. So, if you are planning to purchase a new mobile phone then consider checking SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of the phone a way to measure the radiation absorbed by human body. You can check SAR from the instruction manual available with the phone.

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