Best characteristics of Android Nougat in Nexus devices

Android Nugat

The current version of Android has been released in the market. The Nexus devices and the smartphones which have a 4G connection can easily update their devices to this particular version.

Characteristics of Android Nougat

Many job at one time
You don’t have to open your app in order to read a notification. A notification can be easily replied to without even unlocking it. The best feature about this current version is that two apps can be used at one time. If you want to switch from one app to another then you can just hold on the overview switch.Android Nugat Nexus

Emoticons are an all-time favourite of all people despite their age groups. With the help of this you can easily express your emotions without even writing. 72 new emojis has been added in the current version. Right now the total number surpasses 1500. For gaming purpose Google is using more innovative techniques so that the users can play their favourite games.

On rearranging the quick settings the user are able to avail features such as the wifi and flashlight. If you are Nougat in your phone then you can easily avail the menus present in settings. Software updates will take place in the back ground if you have Nougat present in your phone. The present Nexus users can avail the software updates much more easily.

All the files are password based that comes with Android Nougat. Your device will function very fast as you will have the Direct boost present in your device.

Excellent life of battery
A feature called Doze has been upgraded quite innovatively. If your phone is running with the help of Android Nougat and if it is in your pocket or bag then it is seen that the power consumption becomes much lesser. This increases the battery life of your phone.

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