Android Go: A Perfect Companion Of The Lower End Phones

android go

During the conference arranged by the Google, Android Go was declared publicly. After the announcement, it was presumed to be the new adaptation of Android. But, later it was confirmed to be the reincarnation of the Android O with upgraded Play store and apps, proving all the notions, wrong.

Targeting the Lower Segment Phones

A great segment of people have phones with inferior specifications and lower costs. But the requirement of the smartphone with the latest technology and facility is a necessity nowadays. Therefore, Google has come up with the concept of Android Go. It is basically a lighter version of all the apps, running in the mid to high ranged phones. The specially designed App store highlights the apps that are supported on this scale down phones, with less than 1 GB memory. The internet provided by any network operator is also a costly affair. So, coming up with the lighter version of the same apps, which gives same output with lesser data usage is the main USP of the Android Go. The data required to download the app are lesser than 10 Mb and will run in the offline mode as well.

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Summing Up the Key Features of the Android Go

The three unique features sum up the extraordinary innovation of the Google. First being the efficient operation of the lower end devices, second is the availability of revised apps, and third is the highlighting of the appropriate apps in the App store. After this wonderful concept, all the versions of the Android will be shipped with a Go alternative, which will work on phones with RAM as low as 512 Mb. Though the handset partner has not been announced yet, this will not only increase the sale of lower-cost phones but will also make the world of information come closer.

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