Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Colours: All You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy note 8

Numerous Samsung Galaxy Note 8 colours are rumoured to be launched- here’s the full details!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is all set for a grand launch on August 23, 2017 and rumours for the phablet have been spreading all round. A lot of information has been coming through thick and fast and there have been several words on the colours of the upcoming device. Here in this article we have covered every shade which you would like to buy the phablet in once it appears on shelves.

Everything mentioned below is so far rumoured only, not confirmed. Samsung may however change their colour range anytime. There has been an evidence of the Deep Sea and the Maple Gold versions of the Samsung Note 8.Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Just like the Galaxy Note 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will most likely be available in black. This black Note 8 will be a shade similar to that of Samsung’s other device. Evan Blass, the Twitter leaker had shared a leaked marketing shot for the Galaxy Note 8.

Roland Quandt, a Twitter leaker has recently revealed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be launching in at least three shades and one of these colours is called Deep Blue. Though the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus will be launching with a Blue Coral colour, it looks like the makers will be opting for a darker shade of blue for its upcoming device.

Marple Gold
The first look of the Galaxy Note 8 was revealed in Maple Gold. However, he had warned that this colour may just be restricted to just one market. Since the Galaxy S8’s Gold range was only available in Australia, there is a possibility that there may be a similar affair in case of this device too.

Though you can see each of the above colours, there may be others which may follow as well. So, keep waiting till the end of August to know more.

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