Motorola Is Taking On Samsung And Apple?


The name ‘Motorola’ is now back in news with Lenovo planning to double down on the company and brand name which it had purchased, rather than use it just as a vehicle for promoting its own name. With an aspiration of becoming the third biggest smartphone brand, the company had hired Jan Huckfeldt as it Chief Marketing Officer last year. Though the aim of overthrowing Apple and Samsung seemed to be a distant and laughable goal initially, it seems like a possibility now.

Anyone who had a mobile phone before the millennium would have surely seen Motorola selling millions of iconic phones which hinged or flipped and then keep struggling to repeat the same trick in the nascent smartphone market. These devices used to come quietly onto the mobile phone market, garner some small amounts of success but never had the power to match the might of Samsung and Apple.Motorola_Logo-Lenovo-Company

However, the name Motorola is now back with a great bang ever since Lenovo purchased Motorola. Jan Huckfeldt has recently said, “The original thought was to drive a dual-brand strategy, the idea was to do this under the overall Lenovo brand umbrella and ultimately have Motorola and the Lenovo Vibe respectively two brands under the umbrella.”

Even the famous “Hello Moto” catchphrase is back since Huckfeldt had enthusiastically talked about “tapping the rich history of the brand” for reminding its users of some more successful times. The company required an absolute strategy focus and that’s when they had made the decision of going for one brand only.

Thus, Motorola is trying very hard to offer something very different in the market and that’s been completely clear in their refined marketing message. Now it’s to be seen whether Motorola will be able to achieve that goal of emerging as the third largest brand in the world.

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