How do I transfer everything to my new Apple iPhone?

Apple iPhone8

Congrats! On getting your new Apple iPhone. Now, if you are wondering that how do you transfer all your apps and other content from old iOS device to the new iPhone then read below –

  • Transfer using  – If you are in iOS11, then it is easy for you to set up your new iPhone.
      1. Turn on your new device and place it near to your old device (which is running on iOS11). When these devices are brought near; your old device would show you a “Quickstart screen”. An option would prompt your Apple ID (tap on “continue” if correct Apple ID is getting displayed).
      2. An animation would show up on your new device. Scan this animation with your old device in the “viewfinder”.
      3. When prompted enter your passcode from old device to the new device.
      4. Enter Apple ID password (when prompted to do so) on your new device.
      5. You will get a list of apps and all the content you have on your old device. Select the ones you want on your new device and wait for the data transfer to complete.


  • Transfer using iCloud –
    • Steps to take back-up on iCloud –
      1. Connect the old device to Wi-Fi.
      2. Go to settings on your old device.
      3. Tap on your name.
      4. Tap on iCloud.
      5. Tap on iCloud back-up.
      6. Turn on iCloud back-up.
      7. Tap on back-up now.


Steps to transfer iCloud back-up to new device –

  1. When you start configuring your new iPhone, you would be taken to a screen which says “Restore from iCloud Back-up”. Tap on this option (till now you would have already connected your device to Wi-Fi).
  2. Sign in to iCloud.
  3. Choose the correct back-up.
  4. Stay connected and wait for the restore process to complete.

You can also follow the same steps by taking a backup on iTunes and while restoring you will have to tap on “Restore from iTunes Back-up”.

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