LG laughs at Samsung for not offering Galaxy Note 5 in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We know it that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not be launched for European customers. As per reports, the Korean giant wants to focus on Galaxy S6 edge+ in the continent. However, this move by Samsung was quite disappointing for many in Europe.

LG Jordan

LG has tried to poke some fun at this step of Samsung by turning a tweet to its twitter account. It has sent out a tweet with a picture of LG G4 showing its calendar app on display. LG has marked 21st August in the calendar, which is actually the release date of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 phone with the words “No Notes” printed on it.

Well! This clearly signifies LG poking at Samsung’s decision of not selling the new Note 5 phone in Europe. LG Jordan tweets “To everyone that marked a note on their calendar. Sorry. We’d never do that to you. #G4 TheWorld.”

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