Apple iPhone 8 Plus review

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has without any doubt has created a global market in the recent decades. The iPhone is globally recognized as a mark of excellence. Apple has launched the new iPhone 8 plus this September. This new version is fully loaded with a host of new features and options. Many new features are added and a lot of old features are much enhanced in this new model. The look of the new version of the phone is to die for. This has become the most coveted technological tool among the mass and in the market too this product is a huge hit.

Technical Specifications

The new iPhone 8 plus has all the best features that a person can want and can dream of. The important aspect of this new model is its glass design. The wireless charging and the smartest and the most efficient chips are installed in this new model. This new model has proved to be the best phone so far in the market and the other competitors stands no chance at all. The phone is equipped with the most durable glass and has the makers have also used aluminum bands. This new model is also water and dust resistant. The retina HD display has also been enhanced so that it matches the level of expectation. This variant is available in both 4.7 and 5.5 inches.iPhone-8-plus

Overall approach

The camera of iPhone is well known all around the globe, and this time the makers have made the deal more irresistible. The 12 mega pixel camera can compete with any professional camera available in the market. There are many more features that have been included in the iOS. This is considered to be one of the most secure and safe operating system in the world.

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