Lumia Camera App now compatible with non-Lumia Window Phones

Lumia Camera

There were some news in the beginning of this year that the Lumia camera application will soon work on all the Windows 10 devices including PC’s and tablets. Now, when the Windows 10 for mobile is not even rolled out, the Lumia camera app can also be downloaded on the non-Lumia Windows 8.1 models.

Lumia Camera App

Some people have already tested the app on Huawei Ascend W1 and Samsung ATIV SE. It was found through testing that not all the Lumia Camera features work on the non-Lumia handsets. Even there are some features like using this app to set the focus and exposure time of the primary camera which caused this app to crash. Thus, this app cannot be used as the default camera app on Windows Phones which don’t fall under the Lumia range.

This application allows users to customize settings on the main camera of their Windows Phone device. There is Rich Capture which uses HDR that enables the users to click multiple exposures of a photo with different settings. Also, allows to finally blend all these photographs into one picture.


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