Samsung might release Galaxy Note 5 in UK by 28th August

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We had a number of leaks earlier revealing that Samsung will not be releasing its new Galaxy Note 5 phone in UK. LG also made fun on Samsung’s decision for not selling Galaxy Note 5 in UK. Now, according to the editors from a source this might not be true. The source says that its readers were trying to check the customs and certification sites and have come along an SM-N920F version of this new flagship phablet of the Korean giant. .

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We know that the “F” suffix has always been reserved for the European version of Samsung’s devices such as Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. However, we can also assume “F” to indicate the global variant once the US and Asian carriers are excluded.

On the other hand, there are also reports that the SM-N920F version is spotted on the, which is an authority that certifies new devices as complaint to the connectivity standard. Some Import database listing in India also shows the parts of this model number to have entered the country from Korea. Also, an article from Korea is focused on the device’s price which may be lower that the previous generations in Samsung’s home country.

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