Huawei Mate S “Smart” Smartphone


Huawei has come up with its new device known as Huawei Mate S. an amazing smart phone with incredible features as compared to other smart devices. The device has update version of fingerprint navigation button on the other side of device.

Fingerprint 2.0 improves the speed and recognize by 100 percent. Button can be used for ending calls, switching to calls between the photos, for taking selfies with one hand.


Huawei Mate s is water resistant and fingerprint brings out greater accuracy and sensitivity when hands are wet or sweaty.

The handset has update knuckle Control Technology. This allows the user to take screen shots, writing on screen by just simply tapping.

User can open different applications by just simply writing the first letter like C on the Screen for opening Camera. This will immediately open up camera.

The device has Force touch feature also. It will allow the user to zoom by simply adding pressure on the screen.

Huawei mate S has an amazing camera. It has 13 megapixels of rare camera and 8 megapixels of front camera. Camera has improves soft lighting options for clear pictures in low light.

The device has dual Sim option and micro SD card slot also.

Let’s see how far this device will go and meet the expectation of the company as well as people.

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