Huawei watch will soon Hit UK Markets


According to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, Huawei watch will be seen in UK markets in October. Smart watch gone for official sale in Canada, Germany, France and Spain. The device will be available in 20 countries soon.

The watch has a Elegant premium look combined with excellent technology which makes the user to feel fashion and technology is with him.

Huawei Watch


While wearing watch user will able to do texts, call and mails. At the same one can listen to music also. User can play music by using voice command. The device has 1.4inches of round display with scratch proof coating.

This device can easily paired with iPhone and Android phones. It has six sensors which also measure heart rate and body temperature. It has 40 interchangeable straps option.

As Company claimed that it is first of its kind. Let’s see how much the product meet the expectations.

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