Leaked pictures show Nokia’s upcoming C1 Android Smartphone

There has been a lot of speculation for last few months about Nokia re-entering the smartphone space in 2016. Now, it’s non-compete clause about the sale of its smartphone division to Microsoft expires. After initially denying it, the CEO of Nokia has now revealed that they might release some Nokia branded handsets by next year.

The first amongst the phones could be its Android handset, C1 which is leaked via some pictures. However, we can’t believe these pictures as they are posted on Weibo and we can’t tell in any way that these are really the leaked renders of the new Nokia phone simply what it will look like. If you remember another alleged render of C1 was out last December and was immediately removed as being nothing more than a concept.

Nokia C1

On the other hand, if we assume these leaks to be true then the Nokia C1 will complement the already launched N1 tablet. As per reports, this tablet is also expected to be produced by another company with Nokia being involved in the design and grants a license for using its name.

Currently, we don’t have any specifications about this smartphone. The only features we can talk about are the 5 inch touchscreen display of the phone with 720 pixels resolution. There will be an 8 MP primary snapper along with a 5 MP front facing camera. Nokia has powered this smartphone with a 2 GB RAM.

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