Apple’s super slate


As we all know that Apple will soon be coming up with iPad Pro. According to Jonathan Leggett the device will have 12.9 inches of display and have four speakers.

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer, Apple will come up with two iPad Pros any one of them may have the display of 12.9 inches. We are not sure which model will have what features but some features are shared by the renders.

Despite of display it has been also leaked that any of the two models might have four speakers and headphone jack on the top of the tablet. The iPad pro will have volume buttons and the smaller iPads will have microphone instead of lock switch and another microphone near the rare camera.

According to Apple phone plan, the iPad pro will feature lock switch, microphones on the top and centre back and headphone jack on the top and centre.

Both the device will have missing home button and logo. None of the device has stylus pen. Let’s wait for September 9 and see what Apple will reveal more about iPad Pro.

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