LG G Flex 3 With “Big is Best”

The LG G Flex 3 is expected to release somewhere in the beginning of 2016. No doubt this device is bigger and better as LG believe in big is best.

According to Scott Baxter, It is expected that LG G Flex 3 will have faster processor, more battery power, increased megapixels in both cameras.
According to rumors LG g Flex 3 will have 6 inches of display. The device will probably have 17 megapixels of primary shutter or may be it can reach to 20 megapixels as well. Rare camera will be of 5 megapixels. Primary camera will have new 3d feature as camera is becoming an important feature of smart phones,

Lg g flex 3 fake image
Lg g flex 3 fake image


therefore LG decided to have new add on to its upcoming device.

LG decided to put a powerful processor processor. Therefore LG G Flex 3 will have Octa – cone snapdragon QUALCOMM 2.9GHz processor accompanied with 4 GB of RAM vulnerable combination allows multitasking and superfast speed to device.

It has been reported by rumors that new LG device will be waterproof, dustproof. This device may have eye scanner instead of finger sensing.

According to internet sources presale of device is expected to start somewhere in 2nd week in February of next year

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