Still opting for laptop….why not tablet?

Laptop Vs Tablet

Recently many companies come up with new tablets which really have big display, powerful battery backup and with all the latest features which really allure people to buy tablets and dump their monotous laptops.

Samsung brings out its Galaxy Tab S2, a 9.7 inch tablet for real Android lovers, Microsoft Surface Pro3 and the Asus transformer T300 and now the Apple recently launched the iPad Pro the biggest tablet yet. These tablets are bigger in size, better, sharper and clear too, then why to opt for heavy laptops. Let’s have a look over the 4 models of tablet i.e. Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and ASUS T300 which are currently hitting the shelves and really liked by the users.


First of all I prefer to have a heavy Storage device, Apple iPad Pro comes up with 128 GB storage which is I think more than enough for day to day need work which needs to be saved on device whereas as if we compare other tablets it comes in different variants of 64GB and 128GB .

Now next is Display, iPad Pro and Surface Pro 3 has the best display of 12 inches which is really big as compared to other tablet displays. The ASUS T300 has LED Backlit WXGA display; iPad Pro has 264 ppi Retina Display and Galaxy Tab S2 QHD Display. Retina display is the best display which can support HD video and hi res gaming apps as well.

Let’s look into Ports, Buttons and Cameras The ASUS T 300 have 8 megapixels of primary camera, similar for iPad Pro, the Galaxy Tab S2. The device brings out clear pictures. On the other hand Surface Pro has 5 Megapixels of Camera.

Apple device iPad Pro has touch ID sensor, dual microphone, on and off buttons.
With all these features available Tablets are more in use rather than laptops.
Let’s look into the Battery Life, All the device like Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. ASUS T300, iPad Pro, Microsoft Pro 3 has ten hours of battery life with a single charge.


The most important part is Processor; the iPad Pro has the A9X chip which is really powerful than A9 chip. It really makes the device to run fast and hang free.

On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has Exynos 7420 and QUALCOMM snapdragon 810 this processor is really good for gaming purpose. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has Intel 4th generation processor. T300 has NVIDIA quad core chip which is really very powerful.

In the end, what I feel is that as tablets are coming up with fast processor latest configurations which are equals to laptops. These tablets are easy to handle, not even bulk. Therefore, tablets are pretty useful and easy to carry than laptops. I would prefer to have tablet for day to day task.

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  1. If you are talking about normal working purpose it seems you are correct but still tablets are long way to go to achieve performance of a Laptop.

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