Apple iPhone 6S is on the Way

According to the report, Apple will start initial shipments of iPhone 6s device in the fourth Quarter of current year. About 50 million iPhone are estimated.

Tim cook, Apple CEO has said that Apple music has been amazing and they are looking forward for the release of iOS9, OS X E1 captain and Watch OS2 in the fall.

iPhone 6 Rumours

Yet the device will going to have similar display either keeping 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches for both models. No doubt, there will be many new updates. This new device will have powerful and faster chipset of LTE chip accompanied with Apple force touch display and 12 megapixels of primary shooter with 4K video.

According to WSJ, Apple is really struggling for the bulky order of iPhones ever for Q4 2015. Apple want its manufacturer to make out around 8-90 millions of both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus devices before close of Q4 2015.

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