Apple’s released its first Android App “Move to iOS”

Apple iPhone

As we know, Apple is not so keen usually on making applications for Android users. However, this new app is not exactly of use to the users while they are using Android but can be used better if you want to make a switch to Apple’s iPhone device.
“Move to iOS” is basically an application which helps users migrate their data from their Android phone to an iPhone or iPad device. We can say that this app can make it quite easy to get back to normal if we plan to switch the platform.

Apple Move to iOS app

Apple has brought this new app for the users to enable them migrate their data from Google’s services to Apple’s. This will help you copy contacts, messaging history, photos, bookmarks, calendars and mail accounts from your android phone to the iOS device you are making switch to.

This app is now available on the Google Play Store which allows you to install it for free.

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