Apple iOS 9 now at about 20% adoption

Apple iOS 9

Apple’s new iOS 9 was released about 3 days ago and reports reveal that the software is already adopted by about 20% people around the globe. This is an impressive rate when compared to the rival Android, which is still dealing with some major fragmentation with about 37% Lollipop dissipation and around 38.5% for KitKat and 21.5% on Jelly Bean.

iOS 9 (1)

As we know, Apple has always operated on a close and tight production process where it has full control over updating the firmware and its products. But if you have an iOS 9 compatible device and have not yet tried it then we recommend you to do it as soon as possible to get a few nice things over your phone. The new iOS version from the Cupertino’s giant brings a new font throughout, an improved Siri, a new multi-tasking application, a new built-in app and split screen multi-tasking for big iPad devices.

iOS 9 (2)


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