Samsung might use magnesium alloy for Galaxy S7

A new rumors has come from South Korea, which is the home country of Samsung, claims to bring us some idea on the upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone. The rumors are based on the samples which are already in development.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Unlike the Galaxy S6, which has an aluminum frame, the upcoming flagship phone of the manufacturer will come packed with a magnesium alloy construction. This will be a unibody design and makes a departure of Samsung from its Galaxy S6 which has been provided with the metallic frame only and its back is made using glass.

However, the reports reveal that the upcoming Galaxy S7 will be the first ever fully metallic flagship phone of the company. It is revealed that the magnesium allow is chosen to check how light the phone becomes still not compromising on its strength and durability. As we know, magnesium is about 2.8 times stronger in comparison to the aluminium while it weighs about 65% less. Also, the magnesium material gets less hot than the aluminium, which is a feature of great use in the smartphone world.


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