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    Explore the Smart Technology with BlackBerry Mobile Phones

    Albeit not as ever-present as once they were, BlackBerry mobiles still come in the category of best-rated smartphones on the UK mobile market as business tools.

    Keeping this mobile market in mind, the BlackBerry Hub gathers Twitter, BBM, LinkedIn and emails of the users in one location with a view to making it simpler for staying in the network.

    Albeit conventionally connected with physical QWERTY keyboards, the BlackBerry provides touch-screen handsets too. BlackBerry Touch & Type mobiles boast a combination of the two text-entry mobile phones.

    At present, powered by the latest BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry mobiles boast stronger batteries which offer up to 25 hours of life and you can browse the internet for long as well as they remove the page clutter in order to make them easier to use and read.

    BlackBerry also provides games and apps. Top features of the BlackBerry smartphones that are powered by BlackBerry 10 OS are as follows:

    Flow UI:

    This new interface of BlackBerry 10 enables users for looking up data smoothly and you don’t need to use any other app. Due to its Peek feature, the Flow Interface is multitasking also.

    BlackBerry Hub:

    This is the one-stop shop of BlackBerry 10, which includes email, BBM, text messages and social media updates. This feature is really convenient and reduces the requirement of switching between apps while trying for answering and checking messages from different sources.

    Active Frames:

    This feature enables users to fast access up to 8 open apps on the single screen. It helps minimise open apps, shrinking them to thumbnail-sized Active Frames, same as the Live Tiles found in Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft.

    Touch-screen keyboard:

    Albeit BlackBerry provides physical keyboard, it has also made a big challenge on virtual keyboards. BB10 keyboard actually lets you type smoothly and reduces typos as well.

    Time shift camera:

    One of the most appealing features of BB10 is the new Time Shift camera app which can take multiple snaps of a subject in a single image and helps you select the best image.

    BlackBerry App World:

    Alongside its new OS, BlackBerry mobile brand also received its upgraded BlackBerry App World. This new store not just receives a new and simpler look, but also features more media options including TV shows and movies.

    BlackBerry browser:

    The earlier web browsers of BlackBerry made surfing the internet a chore. However, with BlackBerry 10, the OS will have the greatest HTML5 support of every browser around, including desktop offerings.

    BlackBerry balance:

    For making security-minded IT clients and managers satisfied, BlackBerry Balance lets BB10 users switch fast between corporate and personal profiles. Balance also allows businesses for managing remotely the devices and wiping every sensitive data if the mobile gets stolen or lost.

    Connected calendar:

    This feature will keep you remember the important meetings or events. You can share your calendar with others and also can choose a meeting attendee or see his/her business profile.

    Improved gaming:

    Along with Shark Das, Jetpack Joyride, and Shadowgun, BB10 comes with many other games.

    History of BlackBerry:

    BlackBerry handheld communications device strike the market in 1999, at the time when it created its very own user sub-group – true devotees soon became popular among cynics as Crackberries. However, behind the beams lies true respect for this noteworthy family of multifunctional PDAs.

    BlackBerry devices are made by Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian company and resold around the world. They really fit easily are functioned utilising buttons and trackwheel. It provides general PDA apps – calendar, address book, to-do lists, and additionally telephone capacities all but the most ancient models. However, the BlackBerry is specifically different for its capacity of sending and receiving emails anywhere where it can avail a relevant wireless network and for its inbuilt keyboard, optimised for thumbing.

    The thumbwheel or trackwheel controls system navigation. This is the scrolling wheel with a click function, placed on the device’s right side. Some handsets such as 7510 and 7520 also include a two-way radio.

    Modern BlackBerry handsets include an ARM 7 or ARM 9 processor, whereas more ancient BlackBerry 950 and 957 handsets have Intel, 80386 processors. Recently, RIM declared that new devices will be powered by the Intel XScale PXA9xx cellular processor.

    The wireless platform and software development tools and BlackBerry devices fast became well-known among thousands of companies throughout the world, enticed mainly by its wireless communications capacities. Now BlackBerry devices support many wireless networks for smooth access to time-sensitive data with the inclusion of phone, email, SMS or MMS, the internet, and intranet-based apps. Soon its success enticed a wide array of third-party manufacturers and developers, fast to improve their services and products with wireless connectivity to information through the BlackBerry.

    Since 2002, RIM has been engaged in extensive counter-suits and lawsuits over the patent invasion, including a settlement against it, yet the effectiveness, ingenuity and constant popularity of the BlackBerry device range among the roaming business community continues sustained.