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EE Network & Service Details

EE is the most popular for being the first UK network operator for offering 4G – the high-speed mobile broadband able of much the similar speed as some home broadband packages. Nevertheless, there is more to this network than that – not least of which is that it actually also operates the existing T-Mobile and Orange brands. In the UK, EE has 700 retail stores and nearly 28 million mobile consumers.

History of EE:

In 1993, Orange was set up by Hutchison Telecom, whereas the similar year saw the landing of Mercury One2One, a service which would become the part of the T-Mobile business of Deutsche Telecom later.

In March 2010, the European Commission cleared their merger and finished the following month, and that May, the Everything Everywhere name was declared. In October 2011, network sharing started, albeit in April 2012, the T-Mobile brand was retired in Northern Ireland. In August, EE was offered the green light for introducing a 4G service by telecoms monitor Ofcom, and in late October 2012, it introduced in different cities of the UK.

Thenceforward, EE has kept up its popularity for 4G network, and at present, has the fastest and widest-ranging 4G in the nation.

Customer service of EE:

You can reach the customer service helpline by dialling 150 from an EE phone or by dialling 07953966250 from any other phone. The helpline service is open from 8am to 10pm on weekdays. You can speak to EE representatives from 8am to 8pm on the same telephone numbers on weekends. Deaf consumers can access the help of the Text Relay Assist Service by dialling 08702409598.

Tariffs of EE:

A huge range of competitively priced 4G tariff plans for its fastest mobile phone network. A wide range of monthly contracts, pay-as-you-go, and SIM-only deals are available from EE, whether you want the most recent iPhone, a smooth deal with a mid-range handset, a few calling minutes, texts, 4G data usage or a cool 16GB per month SIM plan.

Customers can also avail the double speed tariff plans in areas where EE has upgraded its network and offers maximum 60Mbps of data speed.

Every consumer can get the EE Wi-Fi app for completely free and it helps them make the most of their calls allowance by allowing them for making VOIP calls over the Wi-Fi coverage areas where no mobile signal is found.

4G consumers also advantage from the consumers of EE covering mobile data use to stream or download from the EE Film Store. Well, this offer is valid up to the end of 2014.

EE is not the most expensive network – a plentiful allowance on the most recent iPhone could simply set you back over £50 per month; however, it is well worth it as you can get if you want the best mobile internet.

The price for the pay monthly consumers has been changed from 17th August 2016. You can simply choose from:

  • 4GEE Plan – Up to 20GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited calling minutes a month (you can use up to 500 MB data, unlimited texts and calling minutes when you’re on roaming)
  • 4GEE Max Plan – Up to 40GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited calling minutes a month, and also access of BT Sport app and EE’s fastest 4G speeds (roaming plan is as same as 4GEE plan)
  • 4GEE Essential Plan – Up to 2GB data, 1000 calling minutes and unlimited texts a month

Coverage of EE:

As the first provider to introduce the fastest 4G network, EE has the largest 4G coverage in the UK and is presently available in more than 100 cities and towns, with more included all the time. At present, EE covers 97% of the population of the UK.

The network of EE is named as the most trustworthy network by Rootmetrics of the 4 prime network operators for data, calls and texts. In the areas EE 4G network has yet to reach, consumers are attached to the EE 3G network that is also the largest network of the UK. If any type of mobile signal is not available, the VOIP app of EE enables consumers to make calls over Wi-Fi. For finding out whether you are in an EE covered area, you can utilise their coverage checker as well.

Why choose EE:

EE is targeting for 98% of the population of the UK for being covered as early as possible, as well as the 95% of the landmass of the UK by 2020. Its consumers can receive a 4G signal 60.60% of the time in accordance with the OpenSignal, which is actually more than any other network operator of the UK.

As ever, the ultimate choice actually depends on what you expect to have from you mobile phone provider and how much you wish to spend every month. If you are not interested in 4G network, then you can opt for something else as per your budget, but if you are really desperate to have the superfast network service, then you must get it in your area with EE.