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    Google: Now a Leading Name in the Smartphone World

    The web search engine giant Google now has become an integral part of daily life of people so it is no wonder that Google has introduced a lot of mobiles which support Google’s very own Android Operating System.

    These Android mobiles are totally bundled with full of Google features with the inclusion of Google Talk, Google Maps, and Google Mail, keeping the internet at the forefront of its capacities. The mobile devices additionally support a wide range of apps for letting you do nearly everything from your phone.

    After making Nexus phones, Google released its first smartphone Pixel which is an eye-catching handset. It features stylish and iconic two-tone finish with finely placed function keys. Especially, the Pixel Imprint button at the rear of the device offers a quick and easy access to texts, apps, and emails through fingerprint technology.

    The device boasts an AMOLED full HD display, ideal for all your favourite games, movies, and usual web browsing. You can enjoy the media for even longer due to its big battery with fast charging capacities, providing with up to 7 hours of battery life from only a 15 minutes charging.

    Top features of Google Pixel phones are as follows:

    Google Assistant:

    Google Pixel is the first phone for bringing you the all-new Google Assistant. Controlling the complete power of the web, your all-new personal assistant is prepared for supporting with a range of tasks from locating GPS routes, to plotting the best place nearby for grabbing a bite for eating. Simply hold the home button for starting.

    Google Assistant is likewise on hand for helping you both play and work. So, you won’t lose any record which you have entered with calendar or reminder. Even you can request more particular info like shop opening hours, restaurant menus or flight times. If you want to have more fun, you can simply ask Google Assistant for playing your favourite song, or video.

    Advanced camera:

    Cameras of Google Pixel phone is just the ideal way of enjoying exceptional pictures at any time, be it day or night. The Pixel phone features a 12.3MP rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0, which enables more light into all snaps and thus results greatly even in low light condition. Now even you can enjoy movies at your home due to its 4K video capacity that records four times the resolution of Blu-ray.

    The Pixel mobiles also boast an 8MP front-facing selfie camera which is ideal if you want pin-sharp video calls on Google Duo, the newest video calling app of Google. This front camera provides users with full 1080p video. Thus, it brings a personal touch to your mobile conversation with HD face-to-face interaction. This feature is compatible with both iOS and Android operating system.

    Unlimited storage:

    Google Pixel features unlimited storage which helps you get rid of space issues. So, you can store all your important files, images or videos in full resolution. This means, you don’t need to delete them for getting more space and you can freely enjoy this unlimited storage by storing your special moments.

    With an account of Google Photos, you can upload all your exclusive videos and snaps whenever you want at free of cost. This will stay for a lifetime. Google has promoted this feature only for Pixel, so just make the most of this unlimited storage for all your excellent HD videos and snaps.

    History of Google:

    According to reports, Google was planning the launch of its own mobile phone in 2007, probably a rival to the iPhone of Apple. This project, named Android, finally resulted not to be a phone but an operating system for the mobile devices, which Google basically gained and finally launched as an open-source project under the Apache 2.0 license. Google offers a software development kit for the developers so apps can be made for being run on Android-powered phones. On 5th January 2010, Google launched an Android mobile under its own organisation named the Nexus One. In accordance with a report stated in July 2013, the share of Google in the global smartphone, led by Samsung products, was 64% in March 2013.

    On 20th October 2016, Google ultimately launched its first ever own smartphones named Pixel and Pixel XL. Both mobile devices are just great if you want to use the user-friendly operating system and bunch of features along with them.