Google Pixel XL Deals

  • 5.5" Display
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12MP Camera
  • 3450mAh Backup
Memory sizes

Pixel XL Contracts Price Change History

Shown below is the price trends chart for cheapest Pixel XL Black contract deal based on lowest pay monthly line-rental of the contract offer which includes Free handset.

Monthly contract cost = MIN (Line rental where upfront cost is zero)

All new about Google Pixel XL in the UK

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    LG recently announced the new LG G6. That makes it one of the heavyweight rivals of the current favourite Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Price and UK availability: As the LG G6 deals got unveiled very recently, we do not know the exact price range. But we can expect it to be £500-£600. The Pixel [...]

  • Google Pixel XL revealed via some cases

    Google Pixel was released with a 5 inch display but the Pixel XL is expected to come packed with a 5.5 inch screen. Previously, we got a glimpse of this phone which showed a dark image of the screen of this handset. Now, it seems that a case maker has created mockups of the new [...]

  • Latest Pixel and Pixel XL renders reveal front panels

    Google is expected to introduce its Pixel and Pixel XL devices on 4th October. Both these handsets are made by HTC and are expected to replace the Nexus branded stock android handsets. We know that the first ever Nexus phone, Nexus One, was manufactured by the Taiwanese giant in early 2010. Recently, we have seen [...]