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    HTC Phones: The Most Desirable Mobile Brand in the UK Market

    HTC is a well-known brand, producing state-of-the-art technology with sleek and smooth designs. Endurance, style and quality are at the heart of all HTC devices, whether you opt for the cost-effective HTC Desire 530 or the premium HTC 10.

    If you want a phone with superb performance, advanced camera technology, features including an excellent customised approach to Android, then HTC phones won’t make you upset.

    From budget to flagship smartphones, HTC offers everything with great features, including BoomSound with Dolby Audio Technology for crisp music, high-quality cameras for amazing pictures and elegant styling.

    Top features of HTC mobiles are as follows:


    With BoomSound, audio is no longer the second thought on smartphones. The dual speakers offer a louder, clearer and stronger sound than usual, giving a great listening experience.

    Sense UI:

    HTC’s own user interface offers a balanced encounter of Android with great HTC twist. You can customise with several fonts and themes to keep the software perform better.


    With vibrant, colourful and image-based home screen feature, BlinkFeed, a social media app is really in demand. It easily records your interests, hobbies, and offers content so that you can find everything whenever you want. Even it keeps you updated with news stories and celeb gossip, trending topics and sports scores. Introduced with the HTC One, now this feature is available in all HTC handsets.

    Motion launch:

    The efficient Mobile launch provides HTC users with quicker ways of bypassing the lock screen for getting into the phone. You can deal with it by pressing a button only.

    Excellent finish:

    If you’re looking for a stunning looking phone, then look no further but HTC phones. Both the HTC One and One M8 handsets feature premium metal cases. With the metal finish, they look totally exceptional.

    Thereby, we guess that you don’t have to choose any other brand. HTC gives unimaginable designs and enough practical features for making every phone different. Be its style or feature or specification, HTC has shown its capacity of topping the pile on every level.

    History of HTC:

    Founding in 1997, HTC quickly has become one of the most popular smartphone makers, following neatly in Samsung and Apple’s footsteps. Albeit the organisation was first engaged in making laptops, the first HTC mobile phone hit the market in 1998.

    Once the achievement of its touch screen mobiles took off, HTC followed suit soon, introducing the first ever Windows smartphone in 2002, with the first ever Microsoft 3G smartphone striking the market in 2005.

    HTC can also be praised for being the maker of the first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream. With a retro swipe screen unveiling a physical keyboard within, the HTC Dream put Android as OS back in 2008.

    In spite of declining market share following the growth of Apple and Samsung, HTC handled for getting back in the game with its new game changer, i.e. the HTC One, which was launched in 2013.

    Showing innovation at its very best, the HTC One transformed the smartphone world’s face with its new take on technology, design and user interface. It brought users innovations like BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe, while also ignoring megapixels in favour of its ultra-pixel camera.

    The HTC One was crowned with many awards, with the inclusion of the Gadget of the Year in the T3 Gadget Awards 2013, Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014, and the most creative smartphone by Business Insider, for naming only a few.

    Since the introduction of the HTC One, HTC has carried on its winning formula with the HTC One M8, HTC One Max and the HTC One Mini.

    HTC continuously strive for bringing brand-new technology to the consumers with a large range of budgets. With so many mobile devices available, the deals of HTC are just ideal for you, whether you are after a budget phone or want a premium device.

    At present, HTC is a domestic name all over the globe. So, this Taiwanese company is going to have a great future ahead. It can be hoped that the company will continuously compete with the smartphone giants like Samsung, Apple and Sony in the future. However, whatever is in the next chapter of HTC, hopefully, it is really going to be good.