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    Huawei: The Smart and Successful Brand in the UK Mobile Industry

    Huawei is comparatively a newbie in the UK mobile market and we believe that this brand is going to spread its wings very soon with its exclusive mobile handsets.

    Huawei is the third biggest mobile phone maker in the globe and provides excellent Android phones, tablets and gadgets. With Huawei mobile devices, you can get amazing displays full of detail, strong cameras for images, and additionally smooth integration with fitness trackers as well.

    Huawei mobiles are nicely designed, bundled with processing strength and have excellent battery life. In fact, if you prefer clicking images, Huawei provides with cutting-edge cameras and also detailed display. Thereby, if you want a luxury mobile device experience at a budget price, otherwise are only after something which is simple and great worth for your investment, then look no further but Huawei only.

    From entry-level mobiles to technologically advanced smartphones with high-quality cameras, Huawei is well-known for manufacturing state-of-the-art technology which does not break the bank. Featuring strong processors and long-lasting batteries, Huawei devices are as exciting on the inside as they are actually on the outside.

    Powered by Android, no matter which Huawei device you pick up, a user-friendly and seamless experience is completely assured. Entry-level users will prefer the simplicity of the Huawei Y3, while budding photographers will be surprised by the quality camera of the Huawei P9.

    Excellent Huawei mobiles come in different price ranges. The Huawei Y3 is one of the most cost-effective mobiles you will get, but still has a smooth 5MP camera, a quick processor for web browsing, and a colourful 4-inch screen. If you are looking for something more premium, then just opt for the brilliant Mate S, which has an amazing 5.5-inch full HD display and great 13MP camera. There are also different great models to select from and the mind-blowing Nexus 6P also.

    Top features of Huawei mobile phones are as follows:

    Fingerprint security:

    With a highly advanced fingerprint sensor, your mobile phone is more secure than you ever thought of. You can simply open apps, photos and emails with a single touch and you can, in fact, purchase things safely with Android Pay also.

    Lecia dual camera:

    Presently featuring on the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, undoubtedly this will not be the last combination of photography experts Lecia and Huawei. The pioneering dual lens and the inclusion of two sensors enable the handset for capturing the highest-quality images, making crisp and highly detailed images which could be simply mistaken for expert shots.

    History of Huawei:

    There is a chance that you have never heard of Huawei, but if you are considering a new smartphone this year, you will undoubtedly come across them with the help of their rapidly developing presence in the UK mobile market.

    Huawei has a storied history – they are one of the biggest network devices providers around the globe and used to make white-label mobile phones for their carrier clients for selling under their own name.

    Huawei ranks as one of the biggest organisations in the world most people in the West have actually never heard of.

    However, millions of people in the US and Europe depend on the devices of the company every day. And the number of users is increasing rapidly, especially so in the UK where the company has only declared a £1.3bn investment.

    You might not see the logo of the Chinese telecommunication giant plastered over the mobile handsets, yet its networks build the services offered by many of the renowned mobile phone service providers of the globe. For instance, alone in the UK, its clients include Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Orange, O2, EE, and BT.

    Established in 1987, Huawei is a Chinese organisation which presently holds the title of being the third biggest mobile manufacturer in the globe. Providing with tablets and smart watches along with smartphones, they are manufacturing massive waves in the tech scene. Its key missions are establishing telecommunications networks, offering consulting and operational services and devices to enterprises inside and outside of China, and making communication devices for the consumer market.

    Having extended in Europe back in 2000, presently the organisation provides customers with the best quality smartphones at killer prices. Reliable, durable and stylish – Huawei smartphones are fast becoming a well-known choice in the UK.