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    LG Mobiles: The World of Smartphones Where Style Meets Function

    LG smartphones made an extraordinary effect in the crowded handset market in the UK with their affordable pricing and good looks.

    In the form of Tocco and Cookie, LG reasonably did as much as Apple for popularising touchscreen smartphones by making them cost-effective to the majority market.

    After establishing its name with mid-range mobiles, now LG is well-known for the superior LG ‘G’ series. These series’ mobiles are different in terms of their high-end features and creative placing of camera and volume buttons on the back for simpler one-handed utilisation.

    LG smartphones are strong devices which continuously push smartphone technology forward. Popular for their exclusive HD display, clever processors, high-quality cameras, LG phones of all price tags target for making all users’ life simpler, innovatively enriched and more productive.

    LG is famous for making exclusive devices – from curved screen smartphones to strong tablets with detailed screens. LG is also popular for its creative features, with the inclusion of self-healing technology for repairing scratches, Gesture Shot where you can take selfies by an easy hand gesture, and helpful rear buttons for making it simpler for changing volume and locking the mobile.

    Remarkable technology specifications are not the only thing offered by LG; the elegant curved designs of every device targets for maximising comfort through complementing the curves of the face. Impressive on the inside and outside, LG mobiles always provide with durable and advanced smartphones.

    Top features of LG mobiles are as follows:

    1. Gesture Shot:

    Take a selfie without requiring stretching for the capture button with Gesture Shot of LG. For activating, wave your hand in front of the camera, just wait for the device for detecting it and clench it into a fist for starting the short countdown.

    2. G Flex:

    It is the self-healing technology of LG, utilising heat for rubbing the scratches and leaving your screen as good as new.

    3. 4K display:

    Exclusive LG phones boast 4K displays and the ultra HD screens illustrate images, games and videos with high clarity.

    4. High-quality cameras:

    LG mobiles feature up to 16MP cameras, generating high-quality, crystal-clear videos and photos for sharing on social platforms with friends and family. There are many incredible LG mobile phones to select from in each price range.

    At present, LG offers many stunning phones at an affordable cost. The phone series starts from LG G, K, and X.

    History of LG:

    In 1958, the company which is now known as LG Electronics started its journey as Goldstar. Goldstar is a Korean firm which subsequently partnered with a chemical firm named Lucky and rebranded as LG in 1995. This was selected as an abbreviation of Lucky Goldstar. Additionally, the LG branding reflected in the present slogan of the company, i.e. Life’s Good.

    Sales were really very powerful that by 1974 Gold star had become a PLC and the firm continued to develop from strength to strength.

    At present, LG is a globe leader in the production of mobiles. LG mobiles are innovative and of a really higher manufacturing quality. Anybody who has utilised an LG Chocolate phone, for instance, will certainly have been impressed by the infrared technology utilised in the keypad of the mobile and by the sleek glass effect design.

    Recently, LG has prolonged its mobile range and at present it a world first with the introduction of the PRADA phone. PRADA, as you possibly know, is one of the most profitable fashion icons of the globe.

    The fact that PRADA selected LG in order to make its first mobile phone – a must have for anybody who is willing to turn heads and impress – is certainly a sign of the quality of the LG smartphones. In the UK market, you can get the stock of the complete range of LG phones.

    The biggest hits of LG are maybe the Tocco and Cookie smartphones from the beginning of the decade. Nevertheless, since then it has embrace the Android platform of Google and its LG G series handsets are the best instances of handsets for running the operating system.

    As a final verdict, it can be said that LG provides with a large range of phones from the cost-effective to premium and advanced phones. However much you determine for spending on your LG phone, durability, reliability and a superb user experience is assured with every LG handset.