LG G3 Deals

  • ADVANCED OIS + Camera
  • 13MP HDR Camera
  • 4G LTE Network
  • True HD-IPS + LCD Display

LG G3 Contracts Price Change History

Shown below is the price trends chart for cheapest G3 (D855) Black contract deal based on lowest pay monthly line-rental of the contract offer which includes Free handset.

Monthly contract cost = MIN (Line rental where upfront cost is zero)

All new about LG G3 in the UK

  • LG G3 Verizon variant now receiving Marshmallow update

    According to the latest reports, Verizon has now started rolling out Android Marshmallow update for its LG G3 smartphone on its network. A Reddit user, Jrdnram_98 is claiming that his LG phone is receiving the Android update OTA notification. The user has received update notification on the handset just a few hours ago and has [...]

  • LG G3 to get Android Marshmallow in mid-December

    According to the reports, LG’s G3 smartphone will receive the new Android Marshmallow update by the mid of December i.e. between 16th and 18th of next month. This was revealed in a new report which came out from Poland. The report says that this Android update is already in the last stage of testing for [...]

  • Android Marshmallow might be coming to the LG G3 and G4 pretty soon.

    The owner of a vanilla Android Nexus smartphone should be getting Marshmallow on 5th of October. A few more manufacturers like HTC announced a list of their smartphones that will be getting the OTA. Now, there are reports that LG might be joining the Android 6.0 fun soon. There were some clues found in the [...]