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    Microsoft Phones: Pioneering the Smart and Versatile Mobile Phones

    A couple of years ago, Microsoft reached a deal to gain the struggling devices and services business of Nokia and just very recently, the Finnish organisation sold its Here mapping unit to a group of German car manufacturers.

    Microsoft does not only offer sharp camera and nice HD displays but also Windows 10, the new OS which offers a seamless and smoother connection between your computer, tablets and smartphone. And with OneDrive, you additionally get 5GB of free cloud storage in order to save all of your most essential photos and files.

    The new Windows 10 of Microsoft works throughout the smartphones, tablets and PCs, seamlessly changing for suiting the device you are utilising. The state-of-the-art Continuum additionally helps you broadcast your mobile on to a bigger screen, which you can then connect with a mouse and keyboard for using like a laptop.

    Microsoft Lumia phones:

    The Lumia range incorporates superb value smartphones with Cortana, Microsoft Office and excellent cameras as standard and a free upgrade to Windows 10. Additionally, there is the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, the new flagship smartphones of Microsoft with sharp Quad HD screens, the futuristic Continuum feature and excellent 20MP PureView cameras.

    Every Lumia phone features a live tiles layout on its home screen, providing with social media and new updates as they occur.

    Windows phone models highlight bright colour schemes in comparison with the more muted colours of the iPhone and Android phones and come with a choice of unique apps pre-installed.

    These incorporate the Cortana voice commands app, OneDrive cloud storage, the highly rated HERE mapping software, and the mobile versions of Office Suite programs of Microsoft.

    Windows 10:

    Windows 10 has been made with the simplicity of mind. Thereby it works at an ease across your tablet, computer and smartphone. Windows 10 makes it simpler for you for carrying on doing the things you prefer, wherever you are. It combines every incredible feature of Windows 7 and 8 and has some great new features also. The Start button is presently back, Microsoft Offices arrives as standard and it instantly changes for suiting the device you are utilising. If you are an entertainment lover, there is a boosted Windows Store, where you can download movies, games, apps and so forth. The highlighting features of Windows 10 phones are as follows:


    It’s your very own digital personal assistant. You can simply ask by saying Hey Cortana or type your question. Cortana helps answer your questions regarding your phone, organise your calendar, do online searches, set reminders, find files and in fact have a chat with you.

    Windows Hello Beta:

    It’s a great personal and safe way of unlocking your Windows Lumia – just wake up your device, look at the screen directly, and the infra-red camera technology automatically authenticates you.

    Windows Continuum:

    Attach your Lumia to a Microsoft Display Dock and utilise it with an external keyboard, monitor and mouse. Microsoft Outlook and Office apps scale up for creating a large screen optimised work ambience which makes you more productive. It’s a computer-like encounter which is powered by your smartphone.


    With free cloud storage of OneDrive available on Microsoft Lumia 950, you don’t need to worry about losing your data. By saving data to the cloud storage, you can access files, images and videos from all of your devices.

    History of Microsoft:

    In early 2000, Microsoft entered the mobile phone industry and by 2007, its Windows mobile platform was one of the most leading smartphones operating systems in the world.

    Windows Mobile was rebranded as Windows Phone in 2010 in order to score a massive update of the platform. This saw the previous conventional menu-based layout of the software replaced by more user-friendly live tiles.

    Lumia brand was inherited by Microsoft while it bought Nokia in 2014, having earlier been in a close tie-up with the Finnish organisation.

    It’s true that Nokia had some terrible years, but it does not take away the fact that it was the very company which efficiently define the mobile phone industry forever a decade earlier, and provided us with some of the most memorable phones.

    Desperate for coming out of the on-going crisis and better compete with the rivals, Nokia declared a methodical tie-up with the software giant Microsoft in order to make its Windows Phone it main mobile Operating System.

    Following the declaration, there were some rumours that Microsoft would acquire the struggling Finnish giant. Nevertheless, in the meantime, Apple took over Nokia in smartphone sales in Q2, 2011.

    The first ever fruit the tie-up between Microsoft and Nokia delivered were the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 smartphones, which were declared later in 2011. When the former aimed at the higher end of the market, the latter was targeted the lower end customers.

    Nokia declared the selling of its Devices and Services division to Microsoft in September 2013. Since then, Microsoft is regarded as a successful company and changed the globe with the technology it pioneered.